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Improving solar cell efficiency by first principles design of novel light absorbers based on hybrid perovskites

Professor Tony Cheetham (Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy) and Professor Richard Friend (Optoelectronics Group)

The rapid increase in efficiency of perovksite based solar cells, which are now approaching that of commercial Si, has led to huge excitement in the research community.  Although there are many scientific challenges to address the future is promising for this technology to provide a low-cost viable solution to harness solar energy.

This interdisciplinary project brings together Professor Tony Cheetham (Department of Materials and Metallurgy) working with a number of researchers in Physics including Professor Richard Friend, Dr Felix Deschler (Optoelectronics Group) and Dr Siân Dutton (Quantum Matter Group).  The project will explore the relationship between the structure and chemistry of these hybrid perovskites and their opto-electronic properties.  One of the aims is to develop an environmentally friendly alternative to the current system by making high efficiency lead-free hybrid devices.

Winton Annual Report 2016

Winton Report 2016 cover

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