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Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability

Department of Physics

Studying at Cambridge


Scholars 2014/15

Mr Jerome Burelbach
  • Winton Scholar
  • Supervisor: Dr Erika Eiser
  • Optoelectronics Group
Mr Gabriel Constantinescu
  • Winton Scholar
  • Supervisor: Dr Nicholas Hine
  • Theory of Condensed Matter Group
Mr Yago Del Valle-Inclan Redondo
  • Winton Scholar
  • Supervisor: Prof Jeremy Baumberg
  • Nanophotonic Group
Ms Paromita Mukherjee
  • Winton Scholar
  • Supervisor: Dr Siân Dutton
  • Quantum Matter Group
Mr Bhaskaran Nair
  • Winton Scholar
  • Supervisors: Prof Neil Mathur and Dr Anoop Dhoot
  • Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy and Optoelectronics Group
Mr Johannes Richter
  • Winton Scholar
  • Supervisor: Prof Richard Friend
  • Optoelectronics Group
Mr Sam Schott
  • Winton Scholar
  • Supervisor: Prof. Henning Sirringhaus
  • Optoelectronics Group
Ms Leah Weiss
  • Winton Scholar
  • Supervisors: Prof Richard Friend and Dr Alex Chin
  • Optoelectronics Group and Theory of Condensed Matter Group