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Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability

Department of Physics

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The Winton Programme annually appoints a number of Scholars undertaking PhDs and Advanced Research Fellows to perform independent research. This growing community is reaching widely across the Cavendish Laboratory, bringing new areas of research and drawing in collaborations from across the University.

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Pump Prime grants

The Pump Prime scheme provides funding for up to £50k for exploration of new innovative ideas that have potential for major impact. The funding is open to academic and research staff in the Physics department and can involve collaborations with other departments.

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Winton Programme

The Winton Programme was established in 2011 through a £20 million donation to the Cavendish by David Harding, alumnus of the Physics Department. This the largest donation to the department, has provided the freedom to explore basic science that could generate the breakthroughs needed to meet the growing demand on our natural resources.

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Winton Annual Report 2019

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Machine learning algorithm helps in the search for new drugs

Mar 20, 2019

Researchers have designed a machine learning algorithm for drug discovery which has been shown to be twice as efficient as the industry standard.

Putting food under the microscope

Mar 20, 2019

You might think that microorganisms - aka microbes - contaminate food, cause disease and are generally something to be avoided. But we shouldn’t be afraid of the microbes in our food...

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