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Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability

Department of Physics


MChem in Chemistry from Newcastle University, UK


Bio-inspired solar cells for renewable Hydrogen production

I am looking at designing novel solar cells that incorporate biological systems, which can photochemically catalyze the oxidation of water and subsequently reduce the newly evolved protons to hydrogen. The aims of my project within the Chemistry department are to improve the efficiency of electron transport through the cell. This involves incorporating new, photoactive materials to re-energize the electrons during charge separation and modifying the electrodes to facilitate stronger, more controlled binding of the catalysts. Work with the Fastlab group (part of the Optoelectronics group) will focus on optical monitoring of the kinetics of charge separation/recombination throughout these systems. The data collected will help us to identify sections of the cell that could be further optimised.

    Winton Scholar
    Supervisors: Dr Erwin Reisner and Prof Richard Friend
    Department of Chemistry and Optoelectronics Group
    Mr Nicholas  Paul