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Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability

Department of Physics


Research engineer in Photon Factory, University of Auckland (2019)
Internship at Fudan University Dept of Physics (2019) (Prof Yuanbo Zhang group)
MSc in Chemistry, University of Auckland (2018) (with Prof Cather Simpson and Prof L. James Wright)
BE(Hons) in Chemical and Materials Engineering (2017)
BSc in Physics and Chemistry (2017)


How we can control chemical reactions and physical processes (e.g. spin crossover, superconductivity, and nonlinear optics) by strongly confining light in the mid-infrared, resonant with a molecular vibration. Creating new strongly coupled states where you can’t distinguish between light and matter can profoundly affect the properties of such a system – e.g. by accelerating the rate of a chemical reaction.

Winton Scholar
Supervisor: Professor Jeremy Baumberg
NanoPhotonics Group
 Rakesh  Arul

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