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Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability

Department of Physics


My dissertation developed next-generation technologies in solar photovoltaics, for sustainable renewable energy. This work is at the forefront of solar spectral management research, pursuing optimal harvesting of the Sun’s electromagnetic spectrum. Employing ultrafast laser spectroscopy techniques to probe quantum spin and photo-physics, while analysing computational models assisted by machine learning to aid in the development of advanced nanomaterial structures. This research has enabled significant progress towards higher efficiency photovoltaic energy harvesting in both the academic and commercial fields.


Key publications: 

7 peer-reviewed publications; selected publications include:

  • Allardice, J., Thampi, A., ... & Rao, A. (2019). Engineering Molecular Ligand Shells on Quantum Dots for Quantitative Harvesting of Triplet Excitons Generated by Singlet Fission. JACS, 141(32), 12907-12915.
  • Davis, N. J., Allardice, J. R., … & Greenham, N. C. (2019). Improving the photoluminescence quantum yields of quantum dot films through a donor/acceptor system for near-IR LEDs. Materials Horizons, 6(1), 137-143.
  • Davis, N. J., Allardice, J. R., … & Rao, A. (2018). Singlet Fission and Triplet Transfer to PbS Quantum Dots in TIPS-Tetracene Carboxylic Acid Ligands. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 9(6), 1454-1460.
  • Allardice, J. R., & Le Ru, E. C. (2014). Convergence of Mie theory series: criteria for far-field and near-field properties. Applied Optics, 53(31), 7224-7229.
Winton Scholar
Supervisor: Akshay Rao
Optoelectronics Group
Mr Jesse  Allardice