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Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability

Department of Physics

Studying at Cambridge



The Eighth Winton Symposium will be held on November 7, 2019 at the Cavendish Laboratory on "Quantum Technologies "

Registration from 9:45

Session I

Welcome to the Eighth Winton Symposium

10:20 10:30
Dr Jacob Taylor

Quantum Information Science: Enabling Industries of the Future 

10:30 11:15

Dr Greg Yeric 

The superposition of conventional and quantum computing: toward a sustainable future

11:15 12:00


Session II

Professor Charles Marcus

Experimental Aspects of Topological Qubits

13:00 13:45

Professor Jun Ye

Quantum matter, clocks, and fundamental physics

13:45 14:30

Tea Break

Session III

Professor Michelle Simmons

Quantum Computing in Silicon

15:00 15:45

Professor John Martinis

Quantum supremacy in a superconducting processor

15:45 16:30

Drinks Reception from 16:30

Winton Annual Report 2019

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