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Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability

Department of Physics

Programme appoints new Scholars and Fellows

The Winton Programme has appointed the second cohort of Winton Scholars and Fellows.  The total community of Scholars and Fellows will more than double to seventeen, with the addition of seven more Scholars and two further Fellows.  Five of the Scholars have already started, details can be found on the website (Community), with the other two due to start early next year.  The two fellows, Dr Andrew Morris from University College London and Dr Nicholas Hine from Imperial College, both have a background in theoretical modelling of materials.  There appointments bring new opportunities for theoreticians to work alongside experimentalist to discover the materials of the future.

Note that recruitment process has started for a similar number of appointments of Scholars and Fellows for 2013, and application details can be found on the website (Jobs).

Latest news

Manipulation of Quantum Entangled Triplet Pairs

7 January 2021

Researchers have uncovered a new technique to create and manipulate pairs of particle-like excitations in organic semiconductors that carry non-classical spin information across space, much like the entangled photon pairs in the famous Einstein-Podolsky-Roden “paradox”.

Machine learning algorithm helps in the search for new drugs

20 March 2019

Researchers have designed a machine learning algorithm for drug discovery which has been shown to be twice as efficient as the industry standard.