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Dr. Suchitra Sebastian explains the magic of superconductivity at Soapbox Science event

last modified Jul 08, 2014 12:12 PM

Soapbox Science is an annual event that brings science to the people via the format of London Hyde Park’s Speaker’s Corner, which is historically an arena for public debate. With Soapbox Science, the UK’s top female scientists take to the streets to engage the general public with their latest discoveries, and to answer their science questions. The latest event was held on The South Bank in London on 29th June.

Dr Suchitra Sebastian, Lecturer at the Cavendish Laboratory, who is also affiliated with the Winton Programme, was one of the 12 scientists who were selected as this year's 'Soapbox Scientists'.  Her pitch was titled “Levitating trains: the magic of superconductors“, in which she used fun props to introduce to passersby of all ages the concept of superconductivity and some of its applications.

Further information regarding Soapbox Science can be found here

Winton Annual Report 2019

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