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Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability

Department of Physics

How to land your dream job in science

Seminar by award winning author Ms. Alaina Levine followed by interactive Q&A session.

Alaina G. Levine is an award-winning entrepreneur, science journalist, STEM careers consultant, professional speaker and corporate comedian. Her book, Networking for Nerds (Wiley), was named one of the Top 5 Books of 2015 by Physics Today, beating out Einstein for the honor (really!). As President of Quantum Success Solutions, she has been advising scientists and engineers about their careers for over 17 years. She has given over 650 workshops for clients in the US, EU, Canada, and Mexico, and is the author of over 300 articles in publications like Science, Nature, World Economic Forum, Smithsonian, Scientific American & IEEE Spectrum. She pens the career columns for Physics Today and APS News, and a new series for

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Monday, 6 March, 2017 - 17:00 to 18:30
Event location: 
Small Lecture Theatre, Cavendish Laboratory

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