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Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability

Department of Physics


MSc (2013) and DPhil (2015) in Applied Mathematics from the University of Oxford. My postdoctoral work was done at Harvard University as a UK-US Fulbright Scholar (2015-2016) and a George F. Carrier Fellow (2016-2017). 


My research focuses on the statistical physics of soft matter. A key part of our vision is to make sense of data generated from high throughput experiments and simulations by putting physics into machine learning.  
We work on problems ranging from computational drug discovery to designing supercapacitors. We are interested in using analytical theories/simulations to discover underlying physical principles, as well as developing machine learning algorithms that can translate physics into new materials. 
More information about what I do can be found on my website:
Winton Advanced Research Fellow
Dr Alpha  Lee

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